Mulberry launches the Alexa Chung bag

Mulberry launches the Alexa Chung bag

While most of us dream of merely owning a Mulberry handbag Alexa Chung has had one named after her…

We love a bit of Alexa Chung style; her tomboy twists on girly looks, her clever way with a brogue or a ballet pump and her entirely effortless brand of red carpet dressing have all turned her into a fashion hero.


So perhaps it was no surprise that Mulberry have decided to make a bag and name it after her. Inspired by Alexa’s quirky personal style, the Alexa is an up-to-date take on the iconic Bayswater classic.

The Alexa comes in a range of different hues – the classic oak with brass hardwear (£695) will appeal to the traditionalists, while the smudgy leopard in dark oak with pale gold hardwear (£795) is one for those who love a bit of animal print. Our fave has got to be the nude-hued lambskin with snake trim (£895, pictured), a luxurious modern classic.

And Alexa is lucky enough to have her bag made in a variety of sizes so there’s one for every occasion… There’s a clutch, a roomy outsized version and the standard size which has a long, detachable strap to be worn cross-body or over the shoulder.

The one season It-bag has well and truly had its day... What we want now are modern classics that will last and last. This cool new take on a Brit classic is just the thing to update your look for 2010.

By Pat McNulty

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