Mulberry, Christian Louboutin, Diane von Furstenberg, Henry Holland and more... Welcome to Film InStyle!

Mulberry, Christian Louboutin, Diane von Furstenberg, Henry Holland and more... Welcome to Film InStyle!
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Take seven of the world’s top designers. Hook them up with some of the best and freshest directorial talent. Get them to collaborate on a totally unique, fashion film. Welcome to Film InStyle…

It started out as an idea for the magazine’s 10th anniversary - it ended up being one of the most ambitious concepts InStyle has ever undertaken. We approached seven designers and asked them to make a short film on the subject of style. Amazingly, convincing designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Mulberry’s Emma Hill, Christian Louboutin, Diane von Furstenberg, Henry Holland, Paul Smith and Zac Posen to turn their talents to film-making was the easy part. It was the details that proved tricky - the diary juggling, the drawing up production schedules with Academy Films who held our hands throughout, and the constant conversations flying across Cannes, Milan, New York and Paris.


The magnitude of what we’d taken on dawned on me over tea one day at The Wolseley with James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. We’d met to chat about her film charity First Light and I mentioned the Film InStyle project to her. 
She put down her teacup. “You ARE kidding, right? You’ve commissioned how many films?’ Barbara’s probably wasn’t the only raised eyebrow, but it was certainly one of the best-groomed.

But here we are now, with seven incredible films made by seven exceptional fashion names, launching online on 23 November, the day after our big London première, (kindly supported by Range Rover Evoque) From Louboutin’s dreamy screen test, to Zac Posen’s exquisite dance piece to Mulberry’s scripted drama, and Henry Holland’s fabulous exuberance. From Paul Smith’s atmospheric vignette, to DVF’s stunningly simple vision, to Cavalli’s passion and glamour. They are fun, innovative and totally for you. But don’t take our word for it – come back here on November 23to watch them. And turn over to hear from the designers themselves to find out exactly how they all happened…


Eilidh MacAskill, Editor

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