Concealer? No Thanks, This Acne Is Intentional

Concealer? No Thanks, This Acne Is Intentional

Meet the make-up artist giving models (fake) acne this Milan men's fashion week

There's a massive spectrum when it comes to makeup application. For example, you've got the super heavy, IG-style makeup and, on the other end, no-makeup makeup that's meant to enhance your features while simultaneously making it look like you're not wearing anything at all. The Malaysian designer Moto Guo, however, flew past the standard makeup spectrum for his debut at Milan Men's Fashion Week.


Instead of the perfect skin that looks like it's been touched by a deity that we usually see on the catwalk, Guo showcased models with rashes, acne, splotches, and hyperpigmentation in his show. Makeup artists helped create the blemished skin, and models and makeup artists posted on Instagram about their acne makeovers as well. However, we can't be 100 percent sure which blemishes are real (and if they are) and which were makeup.


Regardless of Guo's message, as it has not be confirmed, acne is extremely common and is a skin issue that many of us (seriously) deal with on a daily basis and can relate to.

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