Your Met Ball Cheat Sheet: From Selena's PDA To Solange's Puffa Jacket

Your Met Ball Cheat Sheet: From Selena's PDA To Solange's Puffa Jacket
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The Met Gala is always one of fashion’s most high profile nights of the year, rivalling only the Oscars when it comes to the best red carpet looks. The event isn’t short of news-worthy moments either. Here's your Met Ball 2017 cheat sheet from the Met’s best dressed to the gala’s worst gowns and all the couples moments in-between…

1. The Couples Moment: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd


They are Instagram-official and now they are red carpet official, too. Selena Gomez certainly couldn’t ‘keep her hands to herself,’ on the Met Ball red carpet with The Weeknd on her arm. Don’t you worry about Bella Hadid though, guys… she got herself a ‘break-over’ look to ease the heartache whilst attending the same event. Awkward. Much?

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2. Kylie Jenner Broke The Rules

In a selfie that can only really be rivalled by Ellen’s infamous Oscar’s snap, the 19-year-old reality star posted an epic Instagram selfie with her sisters, Kim and Kendall Jenner, Lily Aldridge, ASAP Rocky, Puff Daddy (I have never referenced P-Diddy more in an article), Brie Larson and Paris Jackson. Taken from a humble museum bathroom, Kylie broke the ‘no social media policy,’ which was implemented in 2015. God you dare devil in Versace you, Kylie.

annual bathroom selfie

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3. P-Diddy: The Man Who Launched a Thousand Memes

Sometimes you just have to take a break when you are looking your best. Wearing an intergalactic inspired tux and cape topped off with Louboutins, P-Diddy did just that… and posed led down on the Met Steps - how Gossip Girl of him! In the process, the infamous artist launched a thousand memes. Aladdin on a magic carpet, anyone?

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Or do you want to Netflix and chill with P-Diddy? Our imaginations are running away with themselves.

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4. Solange Put The Puff Into Puff Daddy

One would usually expect someone as stylish as Solange to turn UP to the Met Ball in a floor-sweeping gown but instead the singer defied convention and wore a puffa jacket. Well, it is quite nippy out at the moment and this was the scene of the infamous ‘elevator gate’ so maybe she needed all the protection she could get?

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5. J.Lo Gave Good Train

You can always rely on Jennifer Lopez to shut down a red carpet whilst paying zero attention to any theme other than her own. Aptly the Shades of Blue star wore the bluest of blue Valentino ethereal gowns. But despite sharing the red carpet with her blast from the past ex-boyfriend, P-Diddy, there were no blues in sight for the singer who was accompanied by her latest squeeze, Alex Rodriguez. Good god, she just looks amazing.

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6. Jaden Smith Turned A Trim Into An Accessory

Jaden Smith hit the Met Ball red carpet wearing Louis Vuitton and carrying his chopped off dreadlocks - as one does. The aspiring actor didn’t stop there: he put the bare into Bear Grylls with his distinctive well, grills.

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7. Kim Kardashian Called 2001…

…and 2001 wants its poker straight hair back, Kimmy babes!

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8. Can You Guess The Reference Point?

It’s red and lives in a land far, far away with three other different coloured friends with TV’s for stomachs…

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Scroll through the gallery above for all the best Met Ball 2017 looks.

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