Nailed Or Failed? Our Shopping Editor Gives His (Honest) Met Gala Verdict

Nailed Or Failed? Our Shopping Editor Gives His (Honest) Met Gala Verdict

Our resident Joan Rivers and shopping editor Josh Newis-Smith deciphers the dresses that have got us all talking...

Met Gala 2016... the OFFICIAL dress verdict. Be afraid A-listers, be very afraid. Our Josh takes no prisoners...

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton: Madonna Takes A Hike

This is gutsy in so many ways. Going short at the Met Ball is like Regina George eating carbs — it's unthinkable. It's as if Madonna (reference being the bra as outerwear, obvs) has decided to go hiking after performing on her world tour. This is a lesson for the party season ladies: you can wear footwear suitable for all terrains with sequins. No excuses from now on.

Lily Rose Depp in Chanel: Anna's Mini Me

The new darling of fashion has certainly been raiding Ms Wintour's wardrobe. This Chanel number is remarkably similar to the hostess's dress. Thus bringing a whole new meaning to 'chic uniform' or 'chicform' if you will.

Zayn in Versace: Too Late For The X Men Reboot, Hun.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Zayn with his last ditched attempt to make the new X Men film. Alas I don't think even with the power of modern technology you could be super imposed in at this stage. You hear the term, 'modern tailoring' all the time but this number surely defines it.

Taylor Swift in Louis Vuitton: Going Down Faces, Babes.

What was it that we said about going short? For Tay with a new weave comes a new set of rules it would seem. Not only is it short, it has cut out panels. This is lux Essex at its very best, with a side helping of fierce!  It's kinda like a reptile disco ball, something I want to invest in for summer entertaining. God I want to hit Faces nightclub with you Taylor, babes.

Beyoncé in Givenchy: The CONnotations Are Obvious.

Safety first: I suppose with her legendary Met Ball mishaps it's the way to go. Her sister Solange also followed suit by wearing YELLOW latex footless stockings. I know there are a lot of adjectives to describe those.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Ralph Lauren: Modern Piracy

No one challenge SJP to a duel in this ensemble, it's very Captain Jack Sparrow at Wimbledon. En garde!

Emma Watson: Feminist Boss

Watson is a massive fan of a suit hybrid, but unlike Zayn this one comes with a train. God there is nothing this girl can't do. I am getting heart palpitations it's that chic.

Katy Perry in Prada: Marge Simpson Goes Gothic.

This reference is everything. The end.

Kimye: The Modern Britney and Justin

The couple that wears sequins together, stays together. Throw in a bit of ripped denim to masc it up and you are good to go, apparently. Oh and some on-theme contact lenses. Maybe this will be their uniform when Kanye runs for president. Hillary and Bill, take very detailed notes: this is how to be down with the kids and relevant in a social media driven world.

Karlie Kloss in Brandon Maxwell: The Super Of All Supers

THAT BODY IS A TEMPLE, please can we worship at your feet, Karlie? There's not many things I wouldn't willingly sacrifice for you! For the afterparty the model simply cut the gown at the knee. With pins like hers it would be rude not to get them out.

Alexa vs Lady Gaga: Bowie Babes

Ground control to Major Tom... Naturally one Lady went all out when channelling the reference, I mean why wouldn't you wear a glorified leotard to the met ball. Alexa however took her Tom boy wardrobe to the disco and clearly seems to be suffering from a touch of night fever.


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