Men In Skirts: A History Of Male Dress Obsessions

Men In Skirts: A History Of Male Dress Obsessions

David Beckham’s sarong, Jared Leto’s suit skirt and Kanye’s leather kilt – Jaden Smith isn’t the first guy to skirt the issue

Men in skirts are popping up all over the place at the moment; from sarongs on the beach to hip-hop streetwear styling, even the red carpet has seen a smattering of dudes in dresses. Most recently, rapper Young Thug rocked a dress on the cover of his new project No, My Name Is Jeffrey.   

This comes after Jaden Smith chose to sport an androgynous outfit to his date’s high-school prom (that would be Amandla Stenberg, who played Rue in The Hunger Games by the way), styling an ankle-length monochrome gown with leather leggings, a tux jacket and cool kicks. Talk about best dressed.

to all my loves: thanks for a great night

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This isn’t the first time Will Smith’s son has experimented with androgynous fashion either, once sporting a striped Topshop dress with jeans as he tweeted ‘Went To Topshop To Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean ‘Clothes.’’. A black pleated skirt and crochet raglan sweater was deemed a ‘swerve’ too hard though, as Jaden told his followers; ‘That Moment When Your Wearing A Dress With No Pants And You Swerve Way To Hard (sic)’.

Gender-free shopping is definitely on the rise, especially with Selfridges’ A-Gender shop revamp, but this trend has been going strong since way, way back. Remember David Beckham’s sarong from the depths of 1998? Becks’ beach inspired look certainly set tongues wagging after some other, shall we say, experimental fashion choices (matching leather jumpsuits, anyone?!). Since then, David has decided he doesn’t need clothes at all thanks to his H&M underwear range

Kanye West is another skirt supporter, taking hip-hop fashion forward with leather kilts over leggings and jeans, topped off with long-line t-shirts and loose jackets. What started on the street was picked up by forward thinking fashion, as Givenchy and Rick Owens now kit out celebs in their high-end designs. R Kelly and A$AP ROCKY are also fans of the androgynous option originally rocked by Roman warriors.

Other fans of the dress include Jared Leto, who loves a long-line tunic over leather trousers, Noel Fielding and his glam rock get ups and Marc Jacobs, whose sheer lace dress and white boxer combo stood out at the 2012 Met Gala. Do we even need to mention artist Grayson Perry, and those hyper-feminine outfits that can look straight out of a 1960s dolls’ house?!

So guys, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to skinny jeans and embrace the masculine miniskirt – are you ready for all-out androgyny? 

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