Dear Melania, 6 Lessons In How To Sassify Your First Lady Style

Dear Melania, 6 Lessons In How To Sassify Your First Lady Style

Could Melania Trump become the First Lady of power dressing?

Poor Melania Trump, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are amongst a host of names who have declined to dress the new First Lady. But don't fret, we've rustled up style lessons inspired by the icons of power dressing to see her through the rounds of meets and greets. For more on Melania Trump read Hannah Rochell on 11 things you need to know. 

Lesson 1: The Pillbox Hat Is Basically The First Lady's Crown:

The first word in First Lady dressing, Jackie, anointed the pill box hat as the crown of any self respecting right hand woman. Carla Bruni also gave the pillbox a whirl during her time as the First Lady of France, and she's very your vibe (Google her if you get a spare second, she's got some cracking poses too). Tweed suits also add an extra helping of class but don't think for a second about going pretty in pink it's far too playful.


Lesson 2: Recycle Like K- Middy:

If anyone knows how to diplomatically dress on the right occasion, it's the Duchess of Cambridge. However Melania, despite the below supporting imagery, this is not an opportunity to dig out your beauty pageant tiara- opt for some sort of up do instead. You would however look great with one of those royal sashes so maybe dig out that piece of pagent parafilania and add a couple of broaches - because if anything our future Queen believes in recycling.   

Lesson 3: You Are Only As Powerful As Your Blow Dry:

The corner stone of any working woman's wardrobe (Mrs Thatcher's in particular), the pussy bow blouse is great for softening harsh tailoring. Another wise wardrobe lesson to take from Maggie is that accessories (in particular a bad bitch bag) are totally key. You are also only as powerful as your blow dry and don’t you forget it.

Lesson 4: Sassify Suiting Like Hillary Clinton:

You may be Flotus, but if you wanna be on top, you need to take a dart out of Hillary Clinton's tailoring book. Melania, you have a cracking body and a tailored trouser suit could do wonders for your prestige.


Lesson 5: Kick Ass With Theresa May Kitten Heels

Nothing screams 'bringing the animal out within' than a kitten heel in leopard print.

Lesson 6: When In Doubt, Think Ivanka Trump meets Karen Brady 

Ivanka knows how to construct a serious power dressing look! For her it's all about the fit and the flair, kind of like Karen Brady with added va va voom. Just don’t let her upstage you.

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