Meet the new six-inch It-heel

Meet the new six-inch It-heel

Are you ready to rock six-inch heels?

Six-inch killer heels will be hitting the high street this week after Debenhams became the latest store to stock the celebrity favourite.

Demand for these super-stilettos has been steadily increasing from women who want to copy celebrity fans of the trend like Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham.

Among the tallest heels ever sold in high-street shops, the Miss KG ‘Goldie’ shoes at Debenhams measure up at a sky-scraping 15cm – so high that most manufactures have previously refused to make them.

At £65 these glittering mega-platforms that come in black or gold give those whose budgets can’t quite stretch to the hallowed red-soled shoes of Christian Louboutin, who has long been making sky-high heels.

Other stores including Office and Topshop have been quick to follow the trend with several shoes nearing the six-inch mark this season.

However, those seem small in comparison to a pair of 8-inch Oliver Theysken-designed heeled platform boots that InStyle cover star Jennifer Connelly totally rocked in our latest issue.


While you may not be able to wear those beauties to the office, the demand for staggering heels is definitely growing for those wanting the latest fashion must-have.

But will we actually be able to walk anywhere?

Maybe not – but we’ll give it our best shot!

By Georgina Hindle

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