Meet The Flandana: The Lastest Must-Have Accessory

Meet The Flandana: The Lastest Must-Have Accessory

A fleecy bandana for the face? Sure, why not?

Here at InStyle, we love a good fashion portmanteau. From the jegging (jeans/legging) to the skort (skirt/shorts) there's alway a hybrid garment with a catchy name waiting to be created.

And our favourite new invention of late has to be the flandana. No, this isn't a flannel crossed with a, with a… something, but a fleece and bandana in one! Worn over the lower half of the face to protect your chin from frostbite, the flandana is fast become's fashion's latest must-have accessory thanks to record-breaking below-freezing temperatures in New York and because well, Rihanna says it is.

Made from the classic bandana but with a snugly fleece lining, this is definitely something we could do with on those brisk early morning winter walks to work. And at only £30, we reckon they're a bit of a bargain too.

Pick yours up at Browns, or head to the for a wider variety of colours and patterns.

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