Meet The Armani Model-Turned-Maths Lecturer Who's Got His Students (And Us) Swooning

Meet The Armani Model-Turned-Maths Lecturer Who's Got His Students (And Us) Swooning

Back when we were at uni there was very little that would get us out of our student halls and onto campus for a 9am lecture. It seems some student at UCL might have a little more motivation that others to make that class

Meet InStyle’s newest crush, Pietro Boselli – European Fitness Model Champion and a fashion model at one of the world’s top modeling agencies, Models 1. Besides having a chiseled jawline and impeccable abs, this London lecturer can also claim a PhD in Engineering to his name, and all at the age of 25.

The outside world discovered Pietro when one of his students posted a picture on Facebook and wrote 'The moment you realise your maths lecturer is a top designer model'. Nearly 9000 users have liked the posts and many have left comments such as they would take maths if he was their lecturer and wouldn’t ever miss a class.

There are some students out there that have fears that they might not be able to concentrate if they were in his class, but we don’t see this being an issue. We are sure that the applications for Engineering have sky rocketed since the discovery of Pietro, as well as the transfer requests into his lectures...

A little investigation has helped us discover that Pietro recently stripped down for a rather racy video for Equinox gym that you can view here. When not training hard in the gym, or stomping the catwalks of Milan, Pietro likes to go skiing in the French Alps, eating food from his Italian motherland, and loves his green down jacket.

We are thinking we should brush up on our Maths skills… Perhaps we should look into a guest lecturer at InStyle HQ? 

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