How To Pull At A Wedding: Seven Ways To Secure Your Next 'Plus One'

How To Pull At A Wedding: Seven Ways To Secure Your Next 'Plus One'

Odds of pulling at a wedding – slim, right? Meeting people is easy, but taking it beyond "pass the confetti" is trickier than you might think. We’ve got a few tips on how to work your single status at this weekend’s nuptials

Weddings – a celebration of love and commitment between two people. Heart warming, right? Of course you’re happy for your BFF and their wedded bliss, but being single in wedding season can get tiresome. Having the bouquet accidentally-on-purpose thrown our way? Not cute. Being sat at the kiddy table AGAIN? Just because we’re single, doesn’t mean we have anything in common with your twelve-year-old niece.

If you’re sick of being without a plus one, we’ve got some tips for making wedding season your own personal dating service, complete with a screening service too - if they’ve been invited (and aren’t family of the bride or groom), they’ve already been semi-vouched for. You might not be able to control the bridesmaid’s dress, but you can manipulate who sees you in it. Read on for how to really pull at a wedding.

1. Check out the guest list beforehand. How are you supposed to know whose single if you don’t do your research? A little bit of Facebook stalking is entirely acceptable if it means you can tell the unattached from the ‘my partner couldn’t make it’ – just don’t dismiss any last minute guests.

2. Don’t be scared of the singles table. It might be safer to stick with friends and family, but you’re hardly going to meet anyone with Grandma sitting next to you. Make the most of meeting people you know are available; ask questions and talk to each other rather than just hashtagging the #smithywedding. We draw the line at the kids table, though.

3. Don’t bring a last-minute date. Not interested in Alex from that bar on Thursday night? Don’t bring them! By all means bring along someone who’s going to cringe at the speeches with you, just don’t make that a platonic friend – you might be putting off other single and interested wedding guests.

4. The bar can be your best friend. No, we’re not telling you to get hammered, but an open bar is a totally legitimate excuse for walking right up to someone you don’t know and starting a conversation. Same goes for the buffet queue too; time topping up your salad to coincide with the bride’s super-hot cousin.

5. Man the guestbook. Is there a better way to collect all the names and numbers your heart desires than disguising your search with the guest book? You also get to corner every single wedding guest and have a guaranteed conversation starter. “Have you signed the guest book? No? Pop your name, number, and relationship status down there for me…”

6. Remember names and faces for the babyshower. Missed your chance at the wedding? Those same guests are likely to crop up at housewarming and anniversary parties in the very near future. Paying for all these presents on your lonesome might be painful, but who knows, you might meet someone to split the cost with.

7. Don’t get too drunk. We said it before, and we’ll say it again. A hangover does not lead to a husband – most of the time, anyway. You might have a rare free pass to talk about love with complete strangers, but crying over your ex is never a good look.

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