This Is The Best Cashmere Sweater You Will Ever Buy For Under £100

This Is The Best Cashmere Sweater You Will Ever Buy For Under £100

Forget expensive cashmere – Marks and Spencer have created the machine washable and affordable version that will change your wardrobe.

We always get asked where people can buy affordable cashmere, so we reluctantly let them in on the secret... the Marks And Spencer cashmere collection — specifically the men's collection! Here are 7 reasons why we love these sweaters and wear one almost every day of the year (yes, even in the summer). (Just don’t tell too many people or we won’t be able to stock up!)

1. If you buy a men’s small they are just the right fit. Not skin tight, just loose enough. (And if you have big boobs this is a good trick for making them slightly less the centre of attention.)

2. They are machine washable. Put on a cold cycle with similar colours. Don’t be scared - I’m not lying!

3. They are actually better after being washed in a machine. Softer and slightly more fitted. Weirdly, they improve the more they are washed.

4. They come in great wardrobe staple colours: Navy. Black. Grey.

5. If your man stays over he can borrow it.

6. They are SO warm.

7. You'll get change from £100. At £89, we can also stock up on a few pairs of knickers while we're there too.

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