Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress up for auction

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress up for auction

The dress made famous when Marilyn Monroe stepped over a New York subway grate will go under the hammer later this month

Yesterday would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 85th birthday and what better way to celebrate than with the announcement that her iconic white halter dress is going up for auction later this month?


Hollywood actress Debbie Reynolds, who owns the dress along with 3,500 other pieces of legendary Hollywood memorabilia, revealed that the pleated frock, which became famous when the silver screen star stepped over a new York subway grate while filming The Seven Year Itch, will go under the hammer on 18 June and is expected to fetch a staggering $2million.

Not everyone’s delighted about the auction, though. Actress Lisa St John and Andrew Hansford, author of Dressing Marilyn, are among the campaigners fighting to stop the dress from being sold to a private bidder and are pushing to have it put on permanent display in NYC instead.

Also up for auction will be Judy Garland’s ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz and Charlie Chaplin’s bowling hat.

By Maria Milano

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