Maria Sharapova models at Liberty

Maria Sharapova models at Liberty

Wimbledon's approaching and Maria Sharapova gave tennis a fashion twist as she took to the window of London department store Liberty.

In her role as Global Brand Ambassador for Sony Ericsson, the former Grand Slam champ appeared in a white jumpsuit to unveil the winning designs of a technology and style project held between the mobile phone company and London College of Fashion.

She posed with the innovative creations which included a cocktail dress made of interactive scales that subtly light up when your mobile rings in a noisy bar, a metal bag that acts as a phone charger and a garment with concealed cameras that wirelessly transmit video updates to your phone of your whereabouts.

"I'm thrilled to be involved in such an innovative project that encourages creativity and pushes the boundaries of fashion," said Maria. "My partnership with Sony Ericsson has given me the opportunity to be involved in so many fantastic projects and has enabled me to explore one of my passions - style."

Of course, all eyes will now be on the star over the next fortnight to see how she performs on the court. The question is, which will win: her tennis or her fashion choices? We're rooting for her in both.

By Rachel Arthur


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