How Margot Robbie Is Single-Handedly Proving The Midi Is Not Dead

How Margot Robbie Is Single-Handedly Proving The Midi Is Not Dead

Because it kind of was…

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Margot Robbie is a flaming hottie. In the past it’s just been her visage and Australian sass that’s got her our vote, but out on the road for Suicide Squad her tourdrobe has been on POINT.

Far from the bonkersness of Harley Quinn, Margot’s been going high fash in floral and frills and shaking off that girl-next-door vibe with some pretty polished looks. She’s also, almost single-handedly revived a piece we long though dead — the midi.

We all RIP-d the midi length a few seasons ago when all was about on the high street were a few unshoppably boring pieces surrounded by tumbleweeds. Then Alessandro Michele’s pleated skirt put it firmly back on our radar, with everyone wearing it (see: Alexa Chung), wanting it (see: us) or copying it (see: the high street). 

In the past few days, Margot’s given us a pretty comprehensive lessons in wearing midis and not looking like some Prairie-fied square...

Lesson 1: Wear with something simple

A midi skirt can look prissy, especially an A-line shape or ditsy print, with anything that’s not simple and sleek. Margot’s gone for black and long-sleeved; minimal and it doesn’t detract from the Proenza Schouler florals. Try a collared shirt or jersey basic and steer clear of girly blouses.

Lesson 2: If you’re going matchy matchy, go bold

This goes for life in general — you can’t do coordinating and be bashful about it, it just looks like you’ve done it by accident and feel silly. Margot Robbie’s Rosetta Getty look is the perfect level of outlandish boldness; double stripeage and oversized frill hems. It’s inspired.

Lesson 3: Go classic

The midi is a classic cut, so embrace it and go for timeless silhouettes (shirts, blouses, Bretons) and cuts for a smarter look. It's the safe options for, say, a family party or the office.

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