Marc By Marc Jacobs Is Set For Closure. We'd Better Stock Up While We Still Can…

Marc By Marc Jacobs Is Set For Closure. We'd Better Stock Up While We Still Can…

Marc Jacobs has confirmed that his more affordable line, Marc by Marc, is going to be merged with his main line collection. Better go shopping before it's too late!

The fashion world is still reeling at the surprising news that Marc by Marc Jacobs is set for closure. Surprising because this, the more affordable branch of the Marc Jacobs brand, is said to account for around 70% of revenue for the business. Marc by Marc has also enjoyed critical acclaim since its designers Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley took the reigns three collections ago, though the pair were supposedly only ever on two year contracts. Hillier is rumoured to be staying on at the brand.

Anyway, all that business stuff aside, if it's true this is mostly sad news because we won't be able to buy these fun, affordable products anymore. I panic bought in Jaeger when I heard its Boutique line (another of those more affordable ones) was closing, and I reckon I might have to do the same with Marc by Marc. Here are my favourite five pieces available from the current collection.

The Jumpsuit
These boiler suit styles are still bang on trend and we LOVE them. Make sure you turn up the cuffs and ankles for a more flattering lines. Just add heels for the evening.

£490 at Matches

The Slippers
How. Cute. Are. These? Very cute, is the answer. You don't even need to worry about the rest of your outfit when your shoes look this good.

£235 at Selfridges

The Jeans
The boyfriend/girlfriend/slimmy jean - whatever you want to call it, it's the denim shape of the summer (sorry skinny jeans) and looks even better with a flash of bright pink down the side.

£250 at Matches

The Bag
Cross body bags are just so versatile for summer. Who wants to lug around anything heavier than this once the sun is out anyway? This is the perfect size for sunnies, phone and lipstick #theessentials 

£175 at Selfridges

The Dress
Pinafore dresses are set to be huge news this summer, and this one is super-flattering, as well as having that all-important detail: pockets. Wear with a white T-shirt and Birkenstocks.

£425 at Matches

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