Louis Vuitton Ends Fashion Month On An A-List Note As Stars Jet In To Sit FROW-Side

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It may be the last day of Paris Fashion Week, but Louis Vuitton saw it out with a very A-list bang...

It's the last day of Paris fashion week (sob!), which tradition states begins with a trip to Louis Vuitton. The brand has always been a hot ticket on the schedule but even more so since Nicholas Ghesquiere took the reigns.

In this, his third ready to wear collection, we were whisked again to the Foundation de Louis Vuitton, an imposing building designed by the architect Frank Gehry that emits a noise a bit like aliens calling their home planet. I know, weird, but cool. In a cluster of buildings that looked like the Eden Project, we took our seats right behind Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (obvs; it's like their following us or something).

Other celebs on the FROW included long-standing fans of LV Jennifer Connelly, Melissa George, Chloe Grace Moretz and Michelle Williams, who looked stunning in denim '60s style shift with a chocolate leather trim.

Joining them on the front line was Selena Gomez who seemed to jet into Paris especially for the occasion. Well, wouldn't you for Louis Vuitton?

In a departure from the retro silhouettes, prints and colours we've come to expect from Ghesquiere, this was a collection of huge fluffy coats, sparkles and leopard print, and even the odd power shoulder thrown in for good measure.

We were particularly lusting after a cream leather jacket - so good you'd just need to add heels and never take it off.

What did we love most about this collection though? The shoes! They felt modern, with a range of comfortable heel heights, or else they were completely flat, and featured cut-out sections and blocks of colour. #swoon...

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