Looney Toons At Moschino And Furry Trousers At Fendi: That's Day 2 At MFW For You...

Looney Toons At Moschino And Furry Trousers At Fendi: That's Day 2 At MFW For You...

If there's one thing Milan provides, it's a huge variety of styles of fashion. Here's a round-up of the best bits.

1. Prada *swoon*

From the moment the first look came out on the catwalk, our jaws dropped. There wasn't a single thing we disliked in this collection: not the unusual colour clashes, definitely not the bejewelled side ponytails, and not even the rubber shoes. We were particularly taken with the booties that reminded us of the aqua socks you might have worn for a windsurfing lesson in the early nineties. I know - sounds weird, but somehow works BRILLIANTLY.

2. Faun fashion

Remember Mr Tumnus from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? This half-man half-goat character seems to have inspired not one, but two designers for a/w2015, as both Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi and Roberto Cavalli at Just Cavalli included furry trousers in their collections. Perfect for the snow…?

3. Green sandwiches (yes, really!)

Not all trends are about clothes, you know. Today we were served a selection of green sandwiches from two completely different places. The first ones we were served were at the Casadei presentation, then MORE green sandwiches came out before Prada (there were pink ones too). We might have eaten a massive plate of chicken and chips for lunch, but we still managed to sneak in a few. And it turns out that green sandwiches taste just like, err, normal sandwiches. Fancy that. #fashionpeopleeat

4. The seaside

'But Milan's not by the sea!' you cry, and you'd be right. But thanks to modern technology, lots of brands are using huge TV screens behind the catwalk to really add a mood to the collection. At Max Mara, the mood was Marilyn Monroe rolling around on the beach in a cardigan, so the screen displayed rolling waves throughout to make us feel like we were really there. It was proper relaxing.

5. That's all folks!

The last show of the day was Jeremy Scott's Moschino - always wacky, always generous with a gift for the audience (this season we got a Teddy Bear fragrance and matching iPhone 6 cover). With a huge ghetto blaster backdrop, we were expecting a hip hop theme and we weren't disappointed, with double peaked baseball caps, grafitti prints and one model even wearing a huge clock necklace reminiscent of Public Enemy's Flavor Flav's favourite item of jewellery. We weren't expecting the additional Looney Toons theme though, our favourite item being a Bugs Bunny bag (complete with ears).

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