Simone Rocha SS15

We love a show with a bit of drama, and Simone Rocha’s certainly didn’t disappoint. Once we’d taken our seats in St Andrew’s Church in Holborn (one of the most impressive venues of the week) we were treated to dramatic, live music, complete with church organ, setting the scene perfectly for the show that followed.

Rocha has developed a signature style of full skirts, sheer fabric and asymmetric cuts. She didn’t stray too far from that, but this collection still felt fresh and new. In parts, there was something of the 1950s saucy housewife about it, with headscarves, fluffy mules, nightdresses and even sheer trench coats. Other looks were classic Rocha; sheer dresses with bold, floral applique designs in black, white or red. What we love about this designer is that she always strikes the right balance - no dress is ever too sheer, sexy dresses are styled with flat shoes, and hem lengths are never too short.

Footwear is always a highlight with Simone Rocha, too. She’s a fan of a chunky lace-up, often with the focus on a perspex or jewelled low heel. Next season we’re looking forward to her Derby lace-ups and Mary Janes. The new Rocha spin? A kitten heel.

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By Hannah Rochell