How To Deal When Everyone Hates Your Wedding Guest Dress

How To Deal When Everyone Hates Your Wedding Guest Dress

Would you shame this woman for her wedding guest dress?

Bridesmaids, groomsmen, immediate family and your future husband or wife; this is a list of people you can legitimately tell what to wear on your wedding day without going from bridezilla to b*tch. So imagine Liz Krueger’s shock when at a friend’s wedding, her wedding guest outfit caused more drama than the bride and groom’s big day.

In an Instagram post, Liz described how her nude and coral minidress made other guests to be rude to her, slap her on the bum and even spill a beer down her arm. The reason? They just didn’t like the dress. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t slap someone on the bum or spill a drink on them every time I don’t like their outfit – that’s not nice or normal.


The fitness instructor is actually a fashion badass, posting her #OOTDs all over Instagram with the caption ‘Whatever the occasion I like to have fun with it. Never a dull moment in my closet’. Why should she go all floor-length and pastel if she wants to wear something tight and bright? And did we mention it was 32 degrees celcius?! As long as you’re not wearing a bridal outfit, I think strict dress codes for weddings are kind of outdated.  

So how do you deal when your dress is the victim of a hate campaign at a wedding?

1. Totally ignore them and be the bigger person
2. Customise dress and make it even more ridiculous
3. Make sure you’re at the front of every wedding picture
4. Fashion a shawl or cape out of napkins
5. Instagram your outfit and rack up those likes
6. Pretend you’re a bridesmaid – then everyone will accept it as the bride’s decision

Or, you could start a kindness movement on Instagram like Liz.


Wedding etiquette? We have a few ideas…

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