Let Thomas Sabo Take Care of Mother’s Day

Let Thomas Sabo Take Care of Mother’s Day

Only just clicked that it’s Mother’s Day this coming Sunday? You’re not the only one. Trust us.

Avoid a panic-buy mistake and redeem yourself from last years wilting flowers by heading to Thomas Sabo who have an accessory for just about every mum.  

For the ‘Far Away’ Mum

Spending this Mother’s Day across the country from your mum?  Then remind her that you still appreciate the over-the-phone laundry advice, occasional therapy and round the clock pep talks with this heart locket pendant necklace.  We’ll have a matching one please!


For the ‘Spiritual’ Mum

Mum got more crystals than she’s had hot dinners?  Then this necklace which depicts the hands of Fatima is perfect for her and if what comes around, goes around you can expect a shedload of good Karma to come your way.   

For the ‘No Fuss’ Mum

If your mum’s jewellery collection just about stretches to a couple of rings and the simple (yet elegant) chain she’s been wearing since you were born, its probably best not to invest in an outlandish design.  So this bangle, which can be purchased in sterling silver plated in either gold, silver or rose gold is the perfect addition to any minimalist’s jewellery box. 

For the ‘Bigger the Better’ Mum

On the contrary, if your mum wears costume jewellery like Pat Butcher wore big earrings, then Thomas Sabo has also got you covered with this big, beauty of a sparkler. 

For the ‘Sentimental’ Mum

A charm bracelet is the perfect way to conquer the tricky Mother’s Day present battlefield and potentially save yourself from future upsets.  Start off the bracelet with this charm and then add to it every birthday, Christmas or special occasion with appropriate charms.  Congrats, you have now successfully safeguarded yourself from future panic-buy disasters and bought your mum a pretty special present.  You can thank us (and Thomas Sabo) later. 

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