Lena Hamm Is Our Model Of The Week. Here's What Her Life Looks Like...

Lena Hamm Is Our Model Of The Week. Here's What Her Life Looks Like...

The beautiful and exotic Lena Hamm from FM London talks us through her top beauty products, hectic working days and her dream to walk for Chanel...

First off, where were you scouted?
I was scouted on a train! It was the typical “oh you are so tall” start of a conversation which I have almost once a week with random people.

If you weren’t a model what would you be?
Plan A – work as an editor
Plan B – open my own café bar

What beauty products do you swear by?
Bioderma skincare & Avène thermal water to cover my basic skincare needs, Guerlain Météorites Pearls for they're excellent illuminating power and Kérastase Resistance hair mask, which is great for bleached hair like mine.

Talk us through a typical work day
I get up around 7 o’clock and have my breakfast. I like to start my day slowly, so I take my time reading the newspaper. Afterwards I will probably meet some clients and pass by the agency. In the afternoon there could be an editorial shoot or a fashion show. Usually work days are very long, especially when it’s fashion week. Then I get home late, have dinner, shower and fall into a deep zombie-like sleep.

Have you ever had any wild hairstyles on shoots or shows?
It happens quite often. Once the inspirational mood of a shoot was “crawling into the woods” so they made my hair look like a bird’s nest and smashed some soil and leaves on my head.

Do you prefer movies or books and if you could only choose one to watch or read, which would it be?
I prefer books, but as I have so many it’s easier to tell you my top movie: Kill Bill. I've watched it five times.

What would be your dream show to be cast for?

Who is your style icon?
My friends, who all have a unique and cool style, inspire me. I like that they create their own looks and don’t have a stylist like many celebrities and so-called “style icons”.

And finally if you could only choose to be one; would you be a mermaid or a unicorn?
Of course I would choose to be a mermaid! I'm totally into seashell bras. And by the way, which girl wants to have a hairy back?!


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