Latitude with attitude

Latitude with attitude

Vivienne Westwood is set to give a special talk at literary festival, Latitude, this summer.

She's the grande dame of British fashion and until recently has been more well-known for her eccentric designs rather than her literary accomplishments. But Vivienne Westwood's manifesto, Active Resistance to Propoganda, has secured her a Q&A session at literary fest Latitude this summer. Festival-goers will be able to listen to the designer reveal all about her political work and ask her any burning questions.

Westwood's manifesto is a collection of essays about art and culture that claims to "penetrate to the root of the human predicament and offer the underlying solution". Heavy stuff? Well maybe, but it's all about what we can do to help prevent impending disaster brought about by climate change. And could you imagine a world so destroyed by global warming that there was nowhere to wear Viv's pretty frocks? Perish the thought!


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