Lara Stone to curate fashion collection

Lara Stone to curate fashion collection

Top Model Lara Stone is lending her stylish expertise to THE SHOP at NOT JUST A LABEL when she curates September’s collection.

Counting Beyoncé (who nabbed a fab dress by Rozalb De Mura) and Beth Ditto as fans, THE SHOP at NOT JUST A LABEL is the online home of one-off designer pieces from the leaders in avant-garde fashion.

A different collection from a variety of designers, both newcomers and established, goes live each month. And Lara Stone is the next in line of the key industry figures to take the lead in hand-picking the pieces to go online.

Founder of NOT JUST A LABEL, Stefan Siegel, told InStyle they chose Lara as September’s curator because of her easy-going style that always seems to work for every occasion. "Besides that we felt Lara would be a good mix with our edgy designers," said Siegel.

With her favourite colours being black (and orange for her Dutch heritage), Siegel told us to expect an "overall very dark collection with amazing accessory and avant-garde pieces" for their A/W collection as chosen by Stone.

Check out Lara’s choices from September 2nd here.

By Abigail Radnor

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