Kristen Stewart talks fashion

Kristen Stewart talks fashion

Twilight super-star Kristen Stewart has a lust for designer fashion.

Our favourite vampire leading lady, Kristen Stewart, has revealed that she has a thing for designer clothes - but isn't important enough yet to keep the gowns that are loaned to her.

The actress, who has sported gowns by Herve Leger and Camilla and Marc on the red carpet at various Twilight premieres and screenings, said: "The really cool stuff - I never get to keep any of that. Like anything for an event or anything like that. I'm just not important enough yet, I think."


In her interview with Entertainment Weekly, Stewart also expressed her dismay at having her ordinary style copied by adoring fans: "The things that have been sold out have been the things that people are actually able to get that are semi-cheap. Those things like sweatshirts and jackets, those things are mine, which is bizarre to have people go out and buy."

Well, what does she expect? When you make everyday basics like Converse look so good with a little black dress, she's bound to have a fashion following.

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By Maria Milano

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