Would You Dare To Bare Like K-Stew?

Would You Dare To Bare Like K-Stew?

How to ditch the bra and not your class...

Kristen Stewart stepped out at New York Film Festival wearing a very fetching Sandro suit - hardly news worthy, right? Well, due to the fact she was sans top and bra a few conservative tongues were wagging. K-Stew is hardly a stranger to the controversial but the Twilight star served up a lesson in how to go braless, the classy way.

Here’s how to dare to bare and keep your dignity, like these famous bosom buddies…

Bare From The boys

The tuxedo suit has long been used to make a statement about gender but there seems to be no greater statement than setting your double breasts free under a double-breasted jacket. K-Stew went for a completely unbuttoned attempt, something that would cause Janet Jackson some serious wardrobe malfunction flashbacks. But it was perfectly off set by the actresses’ gelled back hair.

Just a few days ago, Lady Gaga took her attempt to the Wild West - cowboy hat and all, yeehaw cow gurl! The top tit tip to take away from both these ladies is to show enough without giving it all away at once. If one has a more ample bosom invest in some industrial tit tape, or even wig tape because nothing will escape with that level of security.

Day Time Flashing

‘Hey girl, do you wanna go get a Starbucks?’ Friend’s response: ‘Babe let me just grab a top.’ Perhaps it was a Regina George kind of mistake - you know, where her top had circles cut out to reveal her bra and the whole school copied - and it seemed so inconsequential at the time?

Or maybe not, after all this is Kendall Jenner… Either way daring to bare during the day can be managed if you tackle it in the right way and why shouldn’t you if you have a great pair or a nipple ring you want to show off during the afternoon trip to ASDA? This approach isn’t for the faint hearted, though, if your boobs are slightly saggy or on the larger size this is probably a bit too much for you to manage.

Madame Whiplash Will See You Now

Karlie Kloss is quite possibly the sexiest woman on the planet. End of. This was summed up perfectly by her arrival at the Alexander McQueen Paris Fashion Week show for spring/summer 2017. Wearing the classiest ode to fetish fashion possibly since time began, Karlie modelled another simplistic yet classy way to go sans bra. Let the outline of your breast do the work and just ruffle up those nips for added effect.  

Is The Under Boob The New Side Boob?

Sophie Turner stepped out at the Venice Film Festival along with a helping of side boob. Pioneered in the late noughties by the likes of Anne Hathaway, the seductive side dish has long been used as the way to bare and get press coverage in the process. Testament to the forbearers of this trend, Sophie took the gauntlet with sprinklings of sophistication by teetering on the edge of ‘just enough boob.’

In the age of AKK (After Kim Kardashian) the side boob just doesn’t seem enough. Luckily for those who want to push the bosom boundaries, the under boob is really becoming a ‘thing.’ Trailed by the likes of Kylie Jenner you should expect to see it on a Saturday night out near you soon… if you haven’t already!

Whether such a look can ever be classy is one thing but in the spirit of freeing the nipple, the under boob seems to be helping the cause.

Go forth and free the breast, it all just depends how much you want to put the tit into the titillation…

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