Kim Kardashian Auctions Clothes For Charity (And We Want All Of It)

Kim Kardashian Auctions Clothes For Charity (And We Want All Of It)

Kim Kardashian is famous for having one of the world's most covetable wardrobes, and now us normal types can actually own a piece of it. Check out some of the pieces Kim K is auctioning off for charity, and have that mouse ready to click 'bid'...

Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe is the stuff of style legend, and now it appears that the wide world can own a piece of it.

Yes that’s right, Kim K announced via her website recently that she's done a bit of a spring clear out, and has decided to pop the unwanted items on eBay for us all to take a punt on. And, with a percentage of the proceeds going straight to Kim’s nominated charity The Vous, you can get your mitts on a piece of authentic Kardashian swag safe in the knowledge that a portion of the value will be helping a worthwhile cause. Hooray!

From Balmain to Alexander Wang, Kim has (luckily for us) been quite ruthless with her seasonal de-clutter, and many of the pieces are already ticking team Instyle’s ‘investment buy’ boxes.

For those looking for signature Kim K style, we recommend placing a bid on the classic black Balenciaga leather biker jacket with silver studding. While the jacket isn’t the exact same as the belted biker Kim regularly rocks, this beauty has more than enough attitude to nail her off-duty look.


Pair with nude bodycon for classic Kimye, or else throw across your shoulders for a nonchalant nod to Kardashian casual street style. With the current bidding price (as of 22nd March) hovering around $420 (£291.65), it’s actually pretty affordable considering that the jacket is a) designer and b) has been worn/owned by Kim Kardashian. Who knows, perhaps she left something cool in the pockets...

This isn’t the first time Kim has auctioned off her clothes for charity. She famously popped the contents of her maternity wardrobe up on eBay before Christmas, and sisters Khloé, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall have also flogged clothes on eBay before.

With everything from shoes to sunglasses available on Kim's eBay site, we suggest you get bidding right away. Guaranteed these 100% authentic Kim K threads won’t be around for too long.

Race you to the check out!

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