Kim Kardashian's Nude Selfie Sparks LOL New Fashion Trend

Kim Kardashian's Nude Selfie Sparks LOL New Fashion Trend

Kim Kardashian's modesty bars are starting their own fashion revolution guys....

Oh Kim Kardashian. You really are quite something.

In the aftermath of THAT nude selfie posted a week ago by the curvaceous Kardashian (and 1.5 million likes later), the internet has been broken, fixed, kind of broken again, and inundated with public opinion either condemning or championing the racy snap and her explanatory 'essay'.

And now it appears that amid the madness, a new fashion trend has emerged off the back of those black censor bars covering Kim’s lady bits.

Yes guys, the hottest item to shop this side of summer is the ‘censored’ style bandeau bikini – perfect for those wanting to recreate Kim’s nude selfie look without flashing anything indecent…and you know, breaking the internet as a result (we wish).

According to ecommerce retailer Lyst, the site experienced a whopping 406% increase in global searches for ‘black bandeau’ style bikini tops in the 48 hours following Kim’s post - a black bandeau bikini style by Lisa Marie Fernandez apparently received 82,000 page views in just three days. Madness.

The trend allegedly spiked again when kid sister Kylie Jenner posted a similar selfie a few days later wearing a black bandeau bikini top and caged bottoms, echoing Kim’s saucy snap only with *ahem* less nudity. Lyst reported that they weren’t expecting a surge in bikini sales for at least another three months. Leave it to team Kardashian to upset the order of things right?


With the ‘censored’ style bikini hotting up the UK’s swimwear market, there has never been a better time to buy into a Kardashian inspired micro trend. Online favourites such as ASOS and Boohoo are stocking this style in spades, so make sure you get in on it before they all sell out. Even if you aren't partial to a semi nude selfie, this flattering style is a bona fide swimwear classic. Of course, if you want to take to Instagram and rock your own 'censored' look, this is how to do it without losing an inch of modesty.

You’ll be making like Kim K before you know it…


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