Kendall Jenner Gets Her Grunge On For Calvin Klein

Kendall Jenner Gets Her Grunge On For Calvin Klein

How could Calvin Klein possibly top its Justin Bieber campaign? By snapping up a Kardashian, of course...

We heard the whispers that Kendall Jenner was set to front Calvin Klein's next iconic campaign in the midst of Paris Fashion Week but without so much of a hint that there was truth to the rumours from either the fashion house or the 19-year-old model of the moment, we pushed it out of our minds. 

That was until yesterday evening, when Kendall took to her Instagram account to confirm the news that she is in fact the new face of Calvin Klein Jeans, much to the delight of her 22 million-strong following. What's more, the series of shots show a side of Kendall that we very rarely get to see...

You'll usually find the half-sister of Kim and starlet of the hit reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashian's perfectly pulled together with her long hair perfectly styled and her face prepped and primed with flawless make-up.

However, Calvin Klein has chosen to focus on Kendall's raw beauty by capturing her with minimal make-up and sporting grease-slicked hair. 

Posing up a storm with hunky male model Simon Nessman, Kendall can be seen rocking the brand's SS15 denim offerings. From crop marl hoodies and running shorts to biker-esque denim gilets and fresh ecru white jackets, Kendall is the epitome of off-duty cool in the paired back campaign. 

Calvin Klein

Speaking of her new role, Kendall said: 'I'm so proud to be the face of the new Calvin Klein denim series!'

A revelation that should come as no surprise considering Kendall has snapped herself wearing the infamous label's statement underwear and jeans more than we'd care to count. 

Calvin Klein

We don't know about about but we reckon Kendall still looks like a total BABE, greasy hair and all. If only we could look like this after skipping a day... 

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