Kendall Jenner And Karl Lagerfeld: A Very Fashionable Love Story Caught On Camera

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Kendall Jenner and Karl Lagerfeld can't stop swooning over each other in this behind-the-scenes video for Karl's latest campaign...

Karl Lagerfeld is a man you definitely want to know. With his finger in so many fashion pies — we're talking Chanel, Fendi and, of course, his own namesake line Karl Lagerfeld — every model would give up her collection of cool black biker boots and ripped skinny jeans just to be considered to appear in one of his shows or campaigns. 

So, you can imagine what a HUGE deal it was for Kendall Jenner to be cast in his most recent campaign for his own label which has been dubbed 'Karl Is Kolor'. Although she's walked for him in the past, this shoot was the first time she's worked with him on a one-on-one basis...

As well as appearing in the professional film for the campaign below, the 20-year-old model of Keeping Up With The Kardashian's fame is also seen in the video above, gushing her little heart out over Karl. 

And it looks like the admiration goes both ways, as Karl goes on to say: 'I think she's great. She's modern; the girl of the moment.' Quite the statement for the most influential designer in the world to make...


Karl Lagerfeld


However, the wool clearly can't be pulled over his eyes as he reveals: 'She is in a way a beginner so it's something we still have to create but I'm sure we'll work very well together in the near future.' 

So, can we expect to see Kendall do her thing for Chanel and Fendi in the next couple of weeks? It sounds to us like it's a dead-set.

Another thing we learnt from these exclusive videos? Karl is a pretty epic rapper. Yes, REALLY. Check him out dropping a beat to all the colours of the rainbow below.

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