Kendall And Cocktails: H&M Just Got Serious At Paris Fashion Week

Kendall And Cocktails: H&M Just Got Serious At Paris Fashion Week

With a stellar FROW, Kendall walking, and a space set complete with miniature dune buggies, this was the most exciting H&M show to date

As one of the first shows on the Paris Fashion Week schedule, you want to make your mark, and H&M certainly did that on Wednesday night. Held in the Grand Palais (the same building that Chanel shows in later in the week) and with a stage set that resembled the moon landings, this was exciting stuff.

Before the show even started, we could tell from the FROW that we were in for a treat. It was an eclectic mix of Solange Knowles (who rocked an achingly cool pair of lilac fuzzy heels from Sophia Webster — swoon!), Audrey Tautou and Mark Ronson with a pinch of Noomi Rapace for good measure. And then Erin O'Connor rocked up looking INCREDIBLE in a leather skirt and bomber jacket.

Still no models, and still more excitement, as Caroline de Maigret - French It girl and co-author of the brilliant book How To Be Parisian - sauntered out in a silver jumpsuit, zapping the audience with her 'stun gun', and then clambering inside one of the landing craft on set, donning a silver space helmet, and starting her DJ set.

As the show kicked off with Edie Campbell, inevitably the space theme continued and the styling was super cute with peaked hats and jumpsuits to die for. Oh, and the models - including Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Gigi Hadid - were all SMILING! How refreshing. And as if that wasn't enough, when it was all over, another landing craft transformed into a cocktail bar, including bar staff, who must have been hiding inside the whole time. Bravo, H&M. Bring on next season.

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