My Burberry Perfume Campaign

Kate Moss + Cara Delevingne + Burberry = Our Ultimate Fashion Dream


Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne are two of the most iconic models the world has ever seen, but for very different reasons. One, a bonefide 'super' made famous for practically personifying fashion in the '90s. The other, a social-media sensation who has taken the younger generation by storm (as her 6.6 million followers prove). 

However, as Burberry's latest campaign shows, the bringing-together of two fashion greats is something very special indeed. 

Kate and Cara have joined forces to become the joint faces of Burberry's gorgeous new fragrance. Entitled My Burberry, the latest scent in the brand's perfume repertoire is inspired by 'a London garden after the rain'. So, it seems only fitting that the girls to front the campaign should also be a couple of Britain's most stylish exports.

The campaign, which consists of beautiful imagery, a short film and a stunning behind the scenes video, was shot by acclaimed fashion photographer and personal pal of Mossy, Mario Testino, and, in true Testino style, has been edited in chic black and white. 

Throughout the campaign, Kate and Cara can be seen giggling and hugging one another whilst dressed in Burberry's classic trench coats, each complete with the iconic heritage check.

They look so at ease with one another, they could be life-long BFF's. So much so, you'd never guess that this is the first time they've worked together professionally... 

Burberry's creative director and the man heralded for making it the covetable brand that it is today, Christopher Bailey, has revealed that the fragrance — which he created in collaboration with perfumer Francis Kurkdjian — is meant to be 'the true embodiment of our brand, in scent, in design and in attitude.' Even the hue of the perfume matches the honey-tone of their trademark trenches perfectly. 

Check out the cute behind-the-scenes video below and see for yourselves the chemistry that Cara and Kate have from the off. We don't know about you, but we so want to be in their gang... 

My Burberry is available to buy right now. Click on this link and douse yourself in the super-approved scent, pronto

By Maxine Eggenberger