Colour, Crown, Cost - The Anatomy Of Kate Middleton's State Banquet Look

Colour, Crown, Cost - The Anatomy Of Kate Middleton's State Banquet Look

Kate Middleton fulfilled her princess duties perfectly last night at the state banquet, but it was her look that we wanted to know about. From that tiara to the dress, we talk it through...

One of Kate Middleton’s duties as Duchess Of Cambridge is to attend a state banquet, as we now know. To welcome the Chinese president Xi Zinping and his wife Peng Liyuan to the UK, the Queen and Prince Phillip threw a white tie dinner at Buckingham Palace. Cue: Outfit decision meltdown and the floor covered in clothes for most, but Kate Middleton dealt with the potentially tricky dress code with impeccable cool.

This look was under even more scrutiny than usual; as most prominent female in the royal family after the Queen (as the wife of Prince William, Kate outranks the blood princesses), she sat on the top table at the 170 guest dinner.

As usual, Kate proved she is the perfect modern day style icon – looking immaculate, and no sign of a make-up mishap or overheating while getting her hair looking princess perfect.

So, let’s talk about her look…

The Red Dress

Though we’re used to seeing Kate in a whole range of colours, the decision to wear red was not the result of a Kim-style wardrobe makeover. Her gown, by her go-to designer Jenny Packham, was chosen as red is the Chinese national colour. The cut, the cinched-in waist, scoop neckline and cap sleeves are elegant and classy but youthful.

Price: Though we don't know the exact price, Jenny Packham's bespoke gowns for Kate usually cost between £2,000-4,000.

The Tiara

Though it’s thought Kate Middleton’s tiara, known as the Lotus Flower or Papyrus tiara, was chosen so as not to steal the limelight – the idea that if she’d worn the chosen one before, it wouldn't be the focus of the press – it still got more than its fair share of column inches. Kate's tiara, which was the Queen Mother’s in the 20s – made by British jewellery designer Garrard from a necklace, is one of only two Kate owns. She wore the Egyptian-style tiara to a white tie reception in 2013, but its history far outdates Kate having been worn by the Duchess of York, the Queen Mother and the Queen.

Price: Priceless (... We know, rather unsatisfactory but for a ballpark figure - another royal tiara was priced at $1,704,576 in 2011, so we can assume it's pretty pricey.)

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The Earrings

The chandelier earrings, which were showcased perfectly with her pretty regal-looking (and very SS16) tiara-clad updo, were leant to her by the Queen.

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