Karlie Kloss Turns Actress for Tamara Mellon's Short Film

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The Jimmy Choo founder has cast Karlie in a noir-inspired short film

Karlie Kloss has turned her hand to acting, as the lead role in Tamara Mellon's short film Sharp Knives and High Heels.

The two-and-a-half minute movie marks the launch of Tamara Mellon's eponymous label, after she left Jimmy Choo - the brand that made her name and which she co-founded.

Karlie Kloss stars in Tamara Mellon's short film Sharp Knives and High Heels

Having left Jimmy Choo on what could only be described as bad terms, Mellon went about setting up her own fashion company, as well as writing a tell-all memoir. A pair of leather legging-cum-boots that feature in her new collection, called Sweet Revenge, go some way to explaining Mellon's new frame of mind. And her new noir-inspired short, with its powerful female lead and sassy title, seems to echo that sentiment also.

In the film, a vampish Karlie Kloss is seen holding a large kitchen knife and washing blood from her hands, before changing seductively from one tight-fitting dress to another. As the tension mounts we see her greet her lover, before she... well, you'll have to watch it for yourself.

By Olivia Marks

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