WATCH: Karlie Kloss Wants To Part-AY With The Spice Girls

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Karlie Kloss wants to Spice Up her squad's night out!

The leggiest of babes, Karlie Kloss joins Joshington Hosts AKA Josh Newis-Smith for the two-minute interview challenge ahead of her dazzling red carpet appearance at the 2016 Fashion Awards. Bella Hadid, Nicole Scherzinger and Sophie Turner have smashed this difficult challenge before, but can the self confessed, ‘really long winded,’ talker get through enough questions?

Joshington Hosts: Describe London style?

Karlie Kloss: Chic and sophisticated!

JH: Guilty fashion pleasure?

KK: Dark chocolate, does that count?

JH: Do you ever wear crocs?

KK: MMM. NO! I’m sorry. Uggs- yes!

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JH: If you could award yourself a fashion award what would it be?

KK: I wish I was a CEO of a company so that would work!

JH: Who would be your dream celebrity dinner guests, dead or alive?

KK: Howard Hughes, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

JH: Best accessories tip?

KK: Comfortable shoes and a bag that carries everything you need.

JH: Go to dance move?

KK: *does the fingers move*

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JH: Describe your style in 3 words?

KK: Simple, comfortable and timeless!

JH: What’s your dream squad night out?

KK: I am going say The Spice Girls… I am a child of the 90s!

JH: What would your Spice Girls name be?

KK: I always wanted to be Sporty Spice or Baby Spice but then I would always have to fight with my friends because they all wanted to be Baby Spice. So I would be the Tall Spice.

JH: Teach me a go to Karlie Kloss pose?

KK: What’s my go to pose? Hands on hips and just give a look!

JH: As the face of Swarovski, what’s your top jewellery tip?

KK: That more is more!

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