Karl Lagerfeld Plays Homage To Kitty Choupette With Edgy Fashion Range

Karl Lagerfeld Plays Homage To Kitty Choupette With Edgy Fashion Range

Karl Lagerfeld has given his pampered pet cat Choupette a moggy monster-makeover for her very own clothing and accessory collection

Karl Lagerfeld may be fashion's busiest man - heading up Chanel, Fendi and his own namesake brand is no small feat after all - but he's still found time to turn his very pampered pet cat Choupette into the super-star that, lets face it, she was born to be.

Choupette has already conquered the world's of literature and beauty respectively with her first book Choupette: The Private Life Of A High-Flying Fashion Cat and her highly anticipated make-up range for Shu Uemura that's due to come out later this year - oh, how we pine for those false furry lashes and 'claw' polish - and has equally hilarious Instagram and Twitter accounts which, if you don't already follow, you really need to rectify and do so. 

However, she's not ready to retire to her puffed pouffe just yet, as this exciting news proves...

Working closely with her 'Daddy' once again, Karl has come up with a clothing and accessory range that is a direct tribute to his feline friend and will be sold under his own luxury label, Karl Lagerfeld. 

The range is practically the definition of 'adorbs' and consists of handbags, leather goods, sweaters and other accessories that heavily feature Choupette in all of her feisty glory, showing us a side of her that we're less than familiar with. 

Entitled Monster Choupette, the collection depicts Choup as a fang-baring, wide-eyed kitty that looks as if she's in the middle of a diva-strop. Whether her personal maids accidentally poured her full-fat milk instead of skimmed or she just got up on the wrong side of the cat bed that morning, it's unclear; what we do know is that you don't want to mess with Choupette when things don't go her way... 

We don't know about you, but we totally need this statement tote in our lives. However, if handbags just aren't your style, you'll be pleased to hear that offbeat sweaters and tee's have also been given a Choupette-overhaul and are guaranteed to make your off-duty wardrobe a way cooler place.

We recommend rocking this pull-on with ripped boyfriend jeans, chunky ankle boots and a leather biker jacket for the ultimate weekend ensemble. However, you'll have to be quick to get your hands on this sweater when it goes on sale; it's so covetable, we reckon it could be AW14's answer to the iconic Kenzo jumper of last season.

Yep, the fash pack are going to be all over this one... 

If your style is more demure than the printed sweater allows, you can also get in on the kitty action by investing in one of the super-cute accessories that will also be on offer. From clutches and tablet holders to silk scarves and purses, there are endless ways to get your Choupette fix...

Alas, we have to wait until November before this cat-capsule hits Karl Lagerfeld's stores and the brand's e-boutique (sob!) but, once we finally get to take home Karl's cat for ourselves, we reckon it'll definitely be worth the wait. 

High-paw, Choupette...

By Maxine Eggenberger

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