Karl Lagerfeld In Conversation: Red Carpets, Photoshop & Being 'Boring'

Karl Lagerfeld In Conversation: Red Carpets, Photoshop & Being 'Boring'

Jessica Chastain turns presenter for a live Q&A with Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld...

Karl Lagerfeld sat down with Hollywood starlet, Jessica Chastain, this week as she conducted a live Q&A with the outspoken fashion designer.

Sitting side by side in New York’s Lincoln Center, with Jessica wearing a gorgeous Chanel frock, the two touched on subjects ranging from red carpet style and home life, to drawing and photoshop’s current place in fashion.

Talking about his ‘role on the red carpet’, he explained: ‘The red carpet is not fashion; it’s always the same silhouette. Fashion is something else than the red carpet, but the red carpet is a part of our world, our fashion world - It [can be] a little too much sometimes.’

Moving on to the subject of Photoshop, the Chanel designer said: ‘[We are] easily in a period of over-retouching.

‘Some models [end up] looking as if they are coming out of a funeral parlor, all life taken out of the face, I hate that.’

Explaining his tendency to live on the ‘boring’ side of life, Karl continued: ‘I’m the most boring person in the world. That allowed me to survive better than a lot of other people.

‘Because if you don’t drink, if you don’t smoke and you don’t take drugs - and I’m not missing it; I never wanted it - and you sleep for seven hours, I can tell you, life is quite pleasant.

‘You don’t feel tired or exhausted and things like that. You get up again and have the next day. I know that’s very boring, but, you know, I admire people who destroy themselves.’

Keeping Jessica on her toes, the designer was quick to confirm that he was ‘apparently very cute’ as a baby, adding: ‘But all mothers say that.’

It certainly looks like Karl Lagerfeld will have enough quotes to fill another book before long…

By Jessica Bridgeman

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