Kanye West designs shoes for Louis Vuitton

Kanye West designs shoes for Louis Vuitton

Rapper turned fashion designer Kanye West designs ‘Stronger’ footwear range for Louis Vuitton.

After several seasons of stalking the international runway shows, it seems rapper Kanye West has finally unveiled his design talents. The hip-hop artist has joined forces with French designer label Louis Vuitton to create a unique footwear range, entitled ‘Stronger'. The collection, which is named so in homage of close friends and family, debuted earlier this year at Paris Fashion Week and is landing into stores this August.

The ‘Don' shoe reportedly pays reference to Kanye's manager Don Crowley, while the ‘Hudson' shoe is named in honour of his close friend and musician Mr.Hudson.

The rapper was delighted when the luxury fashion brand approached him with the possibility of a collaboration. Talking to the website DazedDigital, he said: "They chose to contact me. Who wouldn't want to work with Louis Vuitton? They're the number-one luxury brand. It lets people know you like nice things."

The rapper, who was pleased with the finished product, has high hopes for his fashion career and hopes to be the next fashion inspiration. Kanye added: "I want to be the type of designer that inspires people, not follow other ideas. I want to be as innovative as Marc Jacobs has been... This collaboration is a dream come true. I'm a walking billboard but to be able to now create something from scratch is amazing."

We'll be keep an eye out for his own clothing line!

By Beatrix Zwart



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