Jockey brightens up its iconic Y-fronts

Jockey brightens up its iconic Y-fronts

The classic brief, as favoured by David Beckham, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, is undergoing a makeover.

We'll just pause for a brief (ahaha) moment to let our collective imaginations wander in a Johnny-Depp-in-his-pants sort of direction...

Moment over... sigh. We may return to that thought throughout the day. Anyhoo, the legendary Jockey is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the world's number-one Y-front by giving it a metrosexual makeover.

The standard white, black and grey palette is all very well, but who doesn't love the idea of Johnny, Brad, David or, indeed, any other tall drink of water you care to name, wearing the briefest slip of pink something-or-other?

Available until August in a limited-edition selection of colours - Pistachio, Ginger, Powder Pink and Azure - there's now no excuse for your boyfriend not to "dance in his pants" (to quote Apprentice losah Phillip).

The futures bright, the future's... Johnny Depp in pink underpants.

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By Harriet Reuter Hapgood


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