Jean Paul Gaultier designs underwear for La Perla

Jean Paul Gaultier designs underwear for La Perla

The French fashion mogul has re-worked his legendary designs for high-end underwear brand La Perla

Needless to say Jean Paul is something of an underwear designer extraordinaire, having masterminded Madonna's iconic cone-bra for her 1990 Blonde Ambtion tour, recently updated it to clad Kylie for her mighty Aphrodite album promo shots, and now he's come up with the goods for La Perla so that we too can be pointy and proud.

The capsule collection promises to boast all the intricacies of Madonna's original set with a modern twist. In stores from November, the line includes a super-cinching corset, racy bodysuit and, of course, a selection of those famous cone bras, with prices starting at £400.


And it seems Jean Paul's right on the money, as it's not just Madonna putting her underwear on show these days, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and GaGa are all at it, and who knows, maybe we'll join them once we've got these hot designs in tow!

By Hayley Spencer

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