J Brand's Boyfriend Jean Is Amy's Obsession This Week

J Brand's Boyfriend Jean Is Amy's Obsession This Week

We are all looking for the perfect pair of jeans. Here Fashion Editor Amy Bannerman talks about her hunt for the Slim Boyfriend.

Suddenly the skinny jean just feels, well, too skinny. Too tight, too restrictive, and just a bit dated. We have an urge to get some new blues that feel more relaxed, somehow a bit more French.

Enter the Slim Boyfriend (and actually a real life one of those would be nice too!). Think Caroline de Maigret, our French Muse du Jour. We want to be the girl who looks like she doesn’t care. The girl that's thrown on her boyf's jeans because he's still in bed (he's a rock star and hungover, obvs).

But these jeans are not tomboyish or skaterboyish – they are the new breed. The beauty of this style is that the denim is just loose enough to give a suggestion of your body underneath, but you’re not giving away everything all at once. Wear with a crumpled blue shirt (unbuttoned to show a bit of your lacy bra) and a killer pair of boots.  

J Brand, Jake Boyfriend in Eternal, £250, Trilogy 

By Amy Bannerman 

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