Is This The Youngest Fashion Designer Ever?

Is This The Youngest Fashion Designer Ever?

J. Crew has recruited a four-year-old to help design a collaboration

We don't know about you, but when we were aged four, our time was mainly spent  falling off swings in playgrounds, smearing ice creams on our face and having tantrums. One thing we weren't doing was designing fashion collections for major brands.

But that is exactly what one American four-year-old is doing, since J. Crew's Jenna Lyons decided to enlist the youngster's help on a collaboration. North West must be kicking herself.

Why would Jenna do that, you might ask? Well, Mayhem (named so because of her free spirit, apparently), has made quite the name for herself as a fashion blogger on Instagram, thanks to her playful take on red carpet dresses created from playschool type things such as paper and plastic bags.


Remember Lupita Nyong'o's fabulous Ralph Lauren cape dress at the Golden Globes? And Jennifer Lawrence's white Dior dress that may or may not have resembled a duvet? Well, they're just two frocks Mayhem has replicated. And now the tot has caught the eye of Jenna Lyons.


If you're not convinced a four-year-old, however talented and cute, has what it takes to design clothes you'd want to wear, know this: Mayhem is collaborating on a kids range for J Crew. She won't be messing with the grown up staples.

Plus, from the pictures J. crew posted on its Instagram page, it looks like it was more of a fun brainstorming session rather than a hard day's graft at the sewing machine.

And, of course, Mayhem's mother was there for the whole thing. Writing on her daughter's blog, Angie Keiser said of the day: Mayhem and her new crew all sat down on the floor and played. And made stuff. Out of paper and tape and beads and glue and crayons. And they laughed and hugged and had more fun than I would have imagined. And then they sprinkled their magic J Crew fairydust on it and turned paper into fabric. And when it was time to go, Mayhem cried. Because she didn’t want to leave.'

It looks like Jenna Lyons has found her future successor...

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