The iPhone 7 (and iPhone 7 Plus) is finally here. Apple has just announced its brand models and — spoiler — they'll make you want to upgrade your phone right this minute.

Though you might think it doesn't look all that different, everything is new. The basic size and shape of both phones remains the same as last year’s models, but there's actually been some serious improvements to the iPhone 7 design.

iPhone 7 review: what's new? The iPhone 7 features and specs, explained...

1. Those grey antenna bands (that didn't even bother us much before) are now more seamlessly part of the phone — particularly in the brand new glossy black colour, though unfortunately it’ll also scratch more easily according to Apple’s smallprint.

2. The iPhone 7 is water-resistant. This is a big deal if, understandably, you've killed a few phones with drink spillages or bath drops while you're scrolling through Instagram. It can withstand water for up to half an hour, as long as it’s not too deep.

3. There's a third camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, which has a nifty trick that lets you zoom in without reducing the quality of your shots. (Hello, likes.)

4. Both the selfie and rear cameras are faster, more detailed and work much better in lower light — perfect for those tricky restaurant food shots.

5. The software is getting some major upgrades. The iOS 10, which will be released with the iPhone 7 but will become available on recent iPhones too, looks a lot nicer and is easier to use. Oh, and you know all those rubbish apps, like Stocks, that clutter up your homescreen but you can’t delete? Well, now you can.

6. The messages app has had a total overhaul.

7. You can now send cool animated drawings, loads more emojis and stickers and share what you’re listening too on Apple Music, which has also been improved. It’s now much easier to use, better at finding music and simples to download songs to listen to offline. 

And remember cheats and codes and stuff? They’re back. We haven’t really required codes since the days of top-up phones, Sims cheats (Rosebud, anyone?) and polyphonic ringtones, but the clever people at Apple have written some into the iPhone 7. Here are the useful ones you need to know…

To find out…

How much signal you’ve got: *3001#12345*#
Your phone’s IMEI number: *#06#


Turn on call waiting: #43#
Make your number private: *#31#
Direct a call to voicemail: *#21#

At the iPhone 7 launch, we also saw the next version of the Apple Watch — the Apple Watch Series 2.

It looks just like the current Apple Watch, except it also comes in a cool, ceramic design which is four times tougher than the steel version. It's also a lot faster, the screen is a lot brighter and you can even go swimming with it. There’s GPS tracking too which is good for running.

What's the iPhone 7 release date?

Both the Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 7 will be available to preorder from 9th September and will be in store on the 16th September.

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