InStyle's Model Columnist Naomi Shimada Collaborates With Absolut Vodka

InStyle's Model Columnist Naomi Shimada Collaborates With Absolut Vodka

The jetsetting model and InStyle columnist Naomi Shimada has created a GIF to celebrate the limited edition Absolut Warhol vodka bottle

Could this be the artiest collaboration yet? Celebrating the launch of the limited edition Absolute Warhol vodka, Absolut have collaborated with artists 15 Folds to create a series of digital artworks called, '15 GIFs of Fame'. Not sure what a GIF is? Don't worry, if you're anything like us and aren't too hot on your tech lingo, a GIF is essentially an animated image. Simples.

The Mission? To commission a collective of creatives to each create their own GIF to fit this month's theme 'FAME'.

The Result? A whole hoard of super artsy, high fashion animated images. Oh and a super cool black Absolute vodka bottle complete with chalk board style scrawl.


Our Favourite? InStyle's number one model columnist and all round fashionista Naomi Shimada's, of course. Shimada played on the phenomenon of reality TV stars and how they embody what 'FAME' means today. Taking her view of reality TV stars - lack of substance, obsession, money and a healthy dose of soul selling - Naomi asks, 'Where are we heading and how do we change up the energy flow?' Ok, it all got a little serious. But fear not, Shimada may have political intentions but her GIF is colourful, cartoony and features at least one palm tree. Sounds good to us.

Check out Naomi's and all the GIFs at 15 Folds and find the amazing limited edition Absolut Warhol bottle at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. Just in time for Christmas and everything.


You can find Naomi's column 'Naomi Wear's in the What's Now section in every issue of InStyle. 

By George Driver/@iamgdriver

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