InStyle's fashion SECRET: The Handbag Spa

InStyle's fashion SECRET: The Handbag Spa

We have a new entry in our little black book of fashion must-knows: the Handbag Spa

As its name suggests this is THE place to send those handbags that are starting to look a little shabby, to have them expertly restored to their former glowing selves.

Handbag Spa offers a wide range of treatments - so it doesn’t matter whether your beloved arm-candy is ripped, chipped or simply in need of some R&R, Handbag Spa will be able to bring it back it to its original lustrous self.

Since discovering this little gem of a place the InStyle ladies have been sending their worn-out and neglected bags in hoards. We’ve sent everything from new high street to vintage designer numbers and are really raving about the results.


So have a good root through that handbag graveyard at the back of your wardrobe (don’t be ashamed, we all have one) pull out those old favorites and send them off for the Handbag Spa treatment.

By Sarah Statman

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