InStyler goes nude

InStyler goes nude
Wendy Hinton

InStyle’s features assistant Abigail Radnor goes nude in this season’s hottest shade.

For the pale and interesting amoung us, this season’s penchant for neutral shades can seem like forbidden territory. Pale colours on pale skin can often leave you looking all washed out and not very chic. However, in this fabulous H&M dress, English rose Abigail Radnor shows us there is no need to shy from nude tones if your complexion is of the porcelain variety. 

By going for a dress that is a few shades lighter then her skin tone, Abigail avoids looking pallid and enhances her fair complexion. Whether it be a peach, a cream or a taupe, never go for a shade too similar to your own skin tone as it will only leave you looking like you need a drop of fake tan! 

Abigail sites the kooky 70s style of fair faced Diane Keaton in the classic Annie Hall as her icon for all things fashion. 

So, if you’re a blanched beauty but don’t want to miss out on this season’s best trend, take a lesson from Abigail. Go for tones that are a few shades lighter or darker then your skin so that while fair of face, you remain full of grace. 

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By Frankie Read 

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