Team InStyle Has Joined Snapchat!

Team InStyle Has Joined Snapchat!

It’s happening, people… (Follow us at instyleuk)

InStyle UK’s Snapchat account is finally here!

Move over Kylie, this is going to be your new favourite for pics and stories…

You’ll get to see what happens on our shoots (including our covers, with teasers for the coming months’ stars), at parties, premieres and red carpet events.

There will be more insider looks at our day-to-day, from people trying things on in the fashion cupboard, doing their make-up last minute and getting amazing deliveries of new products, flowers and cakes.

You'll also get to know Team InStyle even better — the fashion team (including Josh Newis-Smith and Robyn Kotze's famous dancing), the beauty team showing you how to use the newest and most amazing products, art, features and digital — all doing their thang. 

Get to see what model, MUA and celebrity life is like too as we'll be doing Snapchat takeovers with the biggest and funnest names in the industry. 

Not sure how to use Snapchat? Find out everything - from how to use it to how to follow people and 26 celebrity Snapchats you should be following in our Snapchat guide. 

Follow us at the username instyleuk to stay up to date with what’s happening as it happens... 

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