InStyle meets… Marc Jacobs!

InStyle meets… Marc Jacobs!
Diet Coke

The new creative director of Diet Coke, Marc Jacobs talks icons - Kate Moss, Mickey Mouse, Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld…

Unveiled as the new creative director of Diet Coke, InStyle caught up with designer Marc Jacobs to chat all things fashion…
“I’ve always enjoyed working with icons,” Marc Jacobs says, explaining the attraction to his new role as creative director of Diet Coke.  “Whether at Louis Vuitton, or I always wear this Mickey Mouse T-shirt, or my friend Kate Moss is very iconic as a model – and I see Diet Coke as an iconic brand.”

Redesigning the pop drink’s cans and bottles for their 30th anniversary, Marc unveiled three limited edition designs, plus a campaign where he personally features as the topless Diet Coke hunk.
“Well Diet Coke asked me and I’ll usually take my clothes off if anybody asks! I’m 50 next month, so if someone still wants me to take my shirt off, far be it for me to say no.
 “I felt like I was in good company and joining the ranks of some great designers who have come before me,” he said of the position, previously filled by Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier.
For Marc though, the collaboration is about more than business, as he switched to Diet Coke when he made the decision to change his lifestyle in the 90s. “Diet Coke marks something very positive in my life. It was definitely part of my transition from someone who was not in very good shape to someone who takes more care of himself - looking out for my habits.”
His pop intake is, however, upped around show season, when he puts on some of the biggest productions on the Fashion Week schedule, both at Louis Vuitton and with his own lines Marc Jacobs and Marc By Marc Jacobs.
“During show time I drink five or six cans per day! It can be very stressful. Every season at Louis Vuitton we say, 'how are we going to top that last show?' It started with the elevators, then came the carousel, then the train, then the escalators. So this season I thought, 'let’s do 50 rooms at a hotel.'"
“At the end of every one of those shows we say we’re just going to show on a seamless white background next season. And then we realise that we have to remove people from life and give them a fantasy. It’s our job and people expect it from us.”

With thanks to Diet Coke.
By Caroline Leaper


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