InStyle meets fashion blogger Susie Lau...

InStyle meets fashion blogger Susie Lau...
Canon EOS M

InStyle caught up with Susie Lau to talk style, designers to watch and favourite London hangouts…

Style Bubble blogger Susie Lau was one of the first bloggers to be recognised in the fashion industry. Renowned for her fashion-forward eye, the writer is loved for her eclectic and unique style. We caught up with her to hear about her fashion week experiences and more...  
What has been the most memorable fashion show you’ve ever been to?
Comme Des Garcons AW12. There was no music, it just featured beautiful silhouettes and was an amazing pivotal show.

Which fashion shows are you always excited to see?
Chanel and Louis Vuitton because they always put on big shows in big venues, with amazing set design.
Which designers should we look out for and why?
Definitely Simone Rochas as her designs are beautiful, gritty, and ethereal. I would also check out Creatures Of The Wind, a New York design duo who create quirky designs featuring beautiful textiles.
How do you capture the best street style pictures?
I am always on the look out for someone that stands out from the crowd, anything that captures my eye, something colourful. I use the space and shapes in the architecture around me to draw the eye into the subject, always looking for the best light to use. I usually use a Canon D-SLR camera, but for the last three months I have been trying out a Canon EOS M, which will be so much lighter to carry around at the shows and still creates high quality images with manual settings.
What would you like to try in the future?
I love anything to do with aesthetics, cooking and any crafts. I especially love knitting. When I was young I went through every craft there was.
I would also love to help young designers in some way, working as a buyer or a consultant would interest me too.
Which fashion trend will you be championing next season?
Ruffles - in a graphic style rather than frilly and also sculptural silhouettes.
What is your favourite thing to wear this season?
I love all things shiny, like quality street wrappers! I’m also loving anything mid-century, vintage, ‘60s or couture. I've just picked up some skirts and shirts in shiny lenticular and holographic square fabrics. Basically any sort of fabric that Ziggy Stardust might have worn, and incidentally, it's a bigyear for all things David Bowie.
What are you favourite London hangouts?
Alfie’s Antique Market

Where do go shopping for homeware pieces?
I’ve brought most things from Ebay. I love pattern, so I’m looking into having someone design wallpaper and fabrics for me.

Susie Lau is a creative ambassador for the new Canon EOS M, Canon’s first interchangeable lens camera offering simple creative controls.  For more info visit


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