Instagram's Favourite Dog Lands His Own Fashion Campaign

Cute puppy + stylish eyewear = our favourite ad of the year so far

Move over Kendall and Cara, we think we've just found our new favourite fashion star of 2015. And he doesn't even have any teeth.

Yep, Karen Walker has cast one of Instagram's most popular canines to model its spring summer 2015 eyewear campaign. Because who doesn't love a cute puppy in sunglasses?

Named Toast, this adorable King Charles Spaniel was rescued by another one of Instagram's most loved stars, Josh Ostrovsky AKA The Fat Jew – if you don't already follow him, make sure you do this instant. He'll quickly make your day much better.


With no teeth and a tongue that permanently hangs out, Toast might not seem the most obvious model, but we think this is a pretty genius move by Ms Walker, who also stars alongside Toast in the ads.

However, the designer said she was a tad nervous about posing next to the famous pup.

'It’s pretty hard to compete with a toothless dog with its tongue hanging out.'

You're not wrong, Karen.

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